Monday, July 27, 2009

Welcome to Learning in Oklahoma

Hyperlinked writing is the most powerful form of writing. The ability to link or connect your ideas to those of others via hyperlinks is relatively new in the history of communication and learning, but its power is difficult to dispute.

Lots is changing fast in the technology, communication, and media landscape, but some things are likely to be transcendent even as technologies and tools continue to evolve.

Hyperlinked writing is something that's likely to be with us for a long time.

I was inspired to create this team blog by the educators who contribute to "Learning in Maine." What a great idea: Invite innovative educators from around your state to contribute ideas to an aggregated "feed river" of content relating to innovative learning across our state.

Will lots of Oklahoma educators jump on this bandwagon? I have no idea. What is the cost for participation? Zero - You just need to be involved in some capacity with Oklahoma education, as an educator and a self-described lifelong learner.

What are the content guidelines for submissions? Use the school board litmus test: Is the content and are the links appropriate to show in their entirety to your local school board? This doesn't mean the topics and content can't be challenging and potentially contentious-- they certainly can be. It does mean all content must be appropriate for a mixed, public audience of educational constituents.

Theme suggestions? They are up to us. We can follow the lead of "Learning in Maine," or go our own way. Think of this as a "Learning Signs" for Oklahoma educators.

Care to join in the writing and sharing?

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